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Fresh microgreens

From Our Farm To You

locally grown

OUR farm

Southmere Farms is a direct to community urban farm located in Mims, FL. We specialize in growing healthy, nutrient-dense, microgreens using sustainable organic practices, no chemicals or pesticides. All of our greens are grown fresh to order and delivered within 24 hours of harvest.


What are microgreens?

Microgreens are simply young vegetable plants harvested anywhere from a week to two weeks after germination.

Research shows they contain up to 4-40x more nutrients by weight than when grown to maturity. 

Not only are microgreens loaded with good sources of vital nutrients, they are packed with delicious flavors and can be amazing enhancements to dishes. 

how to order

Everything on our farm is grown fresh to order and delivered within 24 hours of harvest.

Bi-Weekly delivery:

• Sign Up below to receive bi-weekly text updates that include varieties, pricing & specials

• Simply REPLY to the text with your order

• Payment and  delivery information will be arranged

* $5.00 minimum delivery, servicing Titusville & Mims area

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